Root Stopper Cultivators

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Root Stopper ™ cultivator is designed to ease up and to increase the performance of mechanical weed control. Check out the gallery


Root Stopper ™ is a combination of a wing-blade cultivator and PTO driven rotor separator which is designed for mechanical weed control against perennial weeds like couch grass and multiple thistles.

The wing-blades first cut through and loosen up the whole layer of the roots, preparing it for the following rotor separator which throws the soil and the roots high up in the air.

Due to the greater drag coefficient and lighter weight the roots are landing slower than the fine soil particles and are topping to the field, out of reach from the resources needed for growth.
On the top of the field the roots are being affected and dried up by the sunrays and wind which is causig that they are losing their power of life. Root Stopper ™ treatment can be done also against the winter and use the frost and freeze instead of the sun.


Root Stopper ™ rotor unit uses abrasion resistant and tough HB500 steel in the spikes. The spike is also designed so that is has over double the amount of the material to be worn out than the spring steel rotors used in the past.

Rotor spike is mounted to its leg by a shear bolt mechanism which gives protection against the stones. Each leg has also an individual small rubber suspenser inside the mount to increases the life-span of the shear bolts.

The 1000 RPM transmission line has also a torque limiter.
By default the Root Stopper ™ uses a disc cluth, but as an option ratchet or automatic style clutch can be equipped.

The chain drive at the side of the machine has 1″ duplex chain in the oil bath. The units wider than 3.0m have the chain drive on both sides of the machine.

Root Stopper ™ cultivators are available at two widths 2,8 m ja 3,8 m, but also a width from between will be available in the future.

Tecnical specification:

Model Power required hp PTO speed r/min Work. width cm Transp. width cm Length cm Weight kg
Root Stopper 2.8 80 – 120 1000 280 300 420 1500
Root Stopper 3.8 110 – 170 1000 380 400 480 2050

Optional units available:

  • Towing boom system
  • Hydraulic depth control

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